Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 At GM: 1710 Greekway, Bozeman

NeoGen’s youth leaders walk hand in hand with young adults in learning to know and enjoy God and relying on their personal relationship with Him to joyously thrive in the pursuit of eternity. NeoGen’s gospel-inspired mission is to raise up disciples who share God’s love with their communities.

Please join us to strengthen your relationship with God, meet new friends, and to partake in Nerf wars, Star Wars marathons, and discussions on relevant issues facing our faith.

Spiritual warfare: Know the enemy. understand the battle. Share the truth.

“Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

Our current series is on Spiritual Warfare which is meant to teach our youth how to combat spiritual battles with scripture. By understanding the current spiritual battle surrounding our lives, we can more effectively speak truth into it.  We intensively study other religions, like Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, etc. and popular secular beliefs and invite discussion, curiosity, and questions. In learning other religious and secular ideologies, we help equip NeoGen with the Biblical tools and cultural awareness so that they can boldly share the gospel with people of varying beliefs and values.

Our 2017 Goals

  1. NeoGen currently consists of youth who have grown up in the culture of knowing the Bible, but not understanding how real the gospel is or living it out in their daily lives. Our goal is to guide them through Scripture that shows them how to make the Christian faith their own and applicable to high school ministry opportunities. 
  2. We also want to foster our youth group's one on one relationship with God and inspire a hunger for knowing Him deeply. We want to develop more discipleship relationships with our youth to encourage them in their daily pursuits of God.

Youth Leaders


Brian Helms

Brian has led NeoGen since August 2015 and especially enjoys speaking on applicable topics relevant to everyday life. He views high school as a monumental, yet underutilized ministry opportunity. He wants to teach NeoGen a lesson that he wishes he lived out in high school: ignore trivial drama and focus on the gospel, because that is what really matters. Brian wants to inspire the youth to boldly speak God's truth into their everyday lives. 


Faith Todd

Faith started helping Brian lead youth group in October 2015. She loves inspiring a passionate energy for God with those around her and establishes one on one relationships, specifically with the youth group girls. She wants NeoGen to be home in the youth group's lives, where they can come with their questions, brokenness, and hardships and find support, acceptance, and Biblical encouragement. 


Brian: 828-385-0009

Faith: 406-539-1668