The very heart of the Gospel is Jesus. It was Jesus who left infinite riches and power to be poor and unimpressive. It was Jesus who absorbed the divine justice earned by our species. And to gain what? You.

The power of the gospel transforms us. It shifts how we live through our daily decisions and interactions.  Our primary objective at Generation Ministries is to live transformed and to give God all of the credit for it.  We glorify God by loving Him with our full hearts, loving others more than ourselves, (Matthew 22:37-40) and and by making disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). Below are key values that evidence spiritual transformation in our lives:


God's Word is alive and it actively reveals God's character and heart. It also outlines standards that we need to shape our lives around so that we honor Him with all that we say and do. According to 2 Timothy 3:16-17, God's Word teaches, corrects, and equips a Christ-centered life. Allow God to transform your heart to align with His truth, for our actions reflect ours hearts.  


 God does not limit grace. Grace does not run a background check nor account for anything you can say or do.  His grace is free and undeserved. As Christians, God's selfless sacrifice should inspire acceptance of all people. Jesus did not die for a select group of people, but for the world. We welcome every person who walks into Generation Ministries with open arms and an invite into our church family. 


Jesus came to the world to serve us by laying down his life for our eternal life. 1 John 3:16 says that we also need to lay down our lives for each other. We are to serve by laying down our time, our desires, our personal interests, etc. to love our neighbor, in the way that Jesus loves the world.


Jesus prays in John 17 that his followers would be one, just as He is one with the Father. We all have different backgrounds, personalities, and spiritual gifts. Together, however, we are the unified body of Christ, that loves, walks, and reaches. We maintain unity, according to 1 Peter 3:8, by being like-minded, humble, and compassionate to one another.


The power of the gospel is relevant to all people, all of the time. We are not just transformed by the gospel after salvation, but every day, God's active and alive Truth should be transforming our lives. We want to relate the gospel to every part of our lives because it is relevant to who we are and how we live. We hope that God's relevance in our lives inspires connections in our communities that show how Jesus is relevant to their lives as well.


Our relationship with God solely sustains and fulfills our every need, which gives peace from anxiety, worry, and fear. In God's presence, instead, we find joy (Psalm 21:5-7). We want to enjoy God: to crave, yearn, and desire to know the great mysteries of who He is. We also want to enjoy our relationships as church family: to laugh, create memories, and have fun together.